We assist you re-engineer existing process to achieve strategic objectives. All the industry best practices will be used to integrate and optimize current processes in the organization such that organization achieves compliance to specific framework, standards or industry regulations.

Process Consulting - Value from Synergy

Our Capabilities

We have capabilities to define or improve existing set of process & practices based on our depth in understanding of industry best practices based on ITIL, CobiT, Six Sigma, COSO, ISACA, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 38500 etc..,


  1. Improves customer experience & satisfaction
  2. Optimizes costs by eliminating wastes
  3. Optimizes processes for Process Excellence thereby improving productivity
  4. Gain scalability for leaping to next level of maturity
How many times have we seen an organization which had already purchased a tool / application or had released the PO for procurement and later repenting their decision? The short answer is "Quite a few". Some quick-fix, glib talking salesman from tools suppliers come and sells the solution and by the time the organization realizes they were sold to aura of salesman or the big name in the tools industry it is often too late.

Most often Sponsors or Project Managers (PM) are caught on the wrong foot as they have committed too much funds to revoke any decision and jeopardize the entire project. In such circumstances PMs try extra hard to ensure the benefits are realized as per the business objectives and now the tools providers come up with Change Requests based on organization's requirements which were never discussed in detail in the first place, which may result in additional costs for completing the works. The SOW, in such cases, are not detailed enough to capture the nuances of tools implementation.

We have also seen that organizations don't have PMs or Subject Matter Experts (SME) who are experienced in tools configuration and implementation nor do they have QA/QC personnel with experience in the Service Management space. Combining these with lack of clear cut requirements invariably lands the organization in a situation when "you can neither gulp it nor spit it". Project can neither be scrapped (as a lot has been already invested) nor can it go ahead as intended (as there is a likely budget freeze for extra functionalities or resources).

In such situations the organization then resorts to external consultants in a haste, in an effort to find that elusive silver-bullet (magic wand), only to realize that consultants cannot undo the damage done but can only point out what the organization should have done to avoid the current situation.

Traditionally there have been a lot of emphasis on independent testing & QA for bespoke applications but it would appear that the industry still has to digest the fact that independent QA is equally important, if not more, even for packaged applications to ensure that the tools implementers have some pressure to deliver the project as intended.