Invaras ERP Software for Service and Support Management helps organization to effectively manage post sales customer requirement with improved customer support, servicing and repairing of products. This Indian ERP module also enables organizations to streamline support and maintenance either by the way of annual maintenance contract or visit to visit basis. Implementation of service and support module leads to higher customer satisfaction level and repeat revenue generation from the existing customers

Customer Support:

Invaras Customer Support ERP Software provides control over customer’s post sales issues and increases customer satisfaction level. The functionalities available in the system are:
  • Customer Complain Recording, handover and resolution.
  • Pending list of complaints at each stage.
  • Customer complains history.
  • Repetitive complaints list enables to remove bugs and manufacturing defects from products.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

Service and Support Software provide functionality to record AMC contract with payment terms, product covered, frequency of mandatory visits for preventive maintenance etc. Real time reports and alters are generated for invoicing as per agreement and reminds for mandatory visit. System generates unique barcode for each product, these barcode are pasted on products laying in customer premises.

Serving and Repair:

Invaras Service Management Software provides wide variety of functionality to manage repairing work particularly when product is brought to service centre from customer site. These functionalities include:
  • On receipt of goods from customer, transaction is recorded by scanning the barcode pasted on the product.
  • When item is to be serviced on paid basis, instant barcode is generated from service in screen.
  • Estimate is generated and approved by authorized person.
  • Final approval is received from customer an item is repaired for serviced.
  • Service out challan is generated for both under AMC or warranty and Paid types of job.
  • Invoice is generated for paid type services.